Producing Graphic Recording in Indonesia

About Graphic Recording Indonesia

Graphic Recording is a way of communicating using text, picture and sometimes video through which complicated ideas can be explained simply to a large diverse audience. Here at Rekam Gambar, the term graphic recording refers specifically to our video animations.

Graphic Recording is also sometimes referred to as Hand Drawn Videos or Speed Drawing because of what appears to be a very fast hand drawing the pictures.

Whatever term you use, we at Rekam Gambar aim to develop visual methods to help communicate ideas, concepts, stories, rules, profiles, and much more in a way that is simple to digest. This includes using strong narratives and storytelling and excellent visual representations of concepts and ideas.

Videos on the portfolio page are a small collection of Graphic Recordings that we’ve produced, for your reference.

If you wish to know more about producing Graphic Recordings in Indonesia, please contact:

Mr. Imawan Atmosudirjo at or + 62 8777 423 8298